The Ol’ Hometown

There is nothing
I love more
than your morning
stretching out
from the sea
to the hills
and south,
pouring in
the trees
lighting  up
the forest floor
daring the
people to
stumble from
their trailer doors
for pots of coffee
at the Fisherman’s
Restaurant and
for mountain-people
drawl over KCRE

My hometown
watches soggy
bottom toddlers
grow up fast,
JR this JR that

Often people
hit big trees
with their
cars and die

He was a good guy
He was a good guy

We scan the paper
for friends and foe
just drunk and in
the tank or
worse maybe

He was a good guy

Mysterious people
get engaged and
have babies
and they get
their pictures
in the paper
their shining faces
are from out-of-town
and I think
what are they
running from?

They come in
for good jobs
with the city

and never

But every
day they wonder
why not?

Save the sunsets
and sea lions
their aint
much to speak
of here

10 thoughts on “The Ol’ Hometown

      1. I lived in California & i enjoyed waking up to some beautifil sunrise & mesmerized by beautiful sunsets- the busy streets of fishermans wharf & the smell of the ocean breeze is what i miss the most. The redwood trees, gigantic, strong, towering & perfectly errect..i am amazed by their beauty- thank you for sharing your posting 🙂

  1. This poem and all of your poetry is just……so beautiful. The words echo in my head and I can not even imagine where the echo to. Thanks for your beauty!

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