No, I’m Good!

I am only
and calling
to humor you!

I do not despise
the world and
all those
within it.

I do not fear
that insanity
is upon me,
not really.

I do not pace
my space and
tug at my hair
for fear that I
will never again
be rightfully loved.

I did not go from
to bottom-of-the-sea
all because of three
little words you never
said to me.

Your absence did not
tail-spin me into isolation,
fear, and fool.

I am perfectly capable
and hopeful!

You had nothing
to do with my head
ballooning to the sky
and getting gnarled in the trees.

You are not the reason
I see Lucifer in the face
of all those around me.

You did not tap a place
inside of me that only
knows rage and sadness.

You did not remind
me of how little I am
loved, of how unlovable
I am.

You did not!

14 thoughts on “No, I’m Good!

      1. My bad!
        I thought everyone loved Star Wars. : (
        Narrow of me.
        Loved the empowerment without giving power away-an odd balance that doesn’t intuitively seem to work but feels like it worked when I finish reading it for the third time.
        I’m just gonna go ahead and equate Lucifer and Vadar and get it over with. ; )

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