Hot & Cold & Nothing In-between

I want to be on
top of the world
but am unwilling
to climb even a mole hill
I want to grab IT by
the horns,
by the balls
but I’m either
too weak
or too disgusted
I want fame
but I am unwilling
to emerge from this,
dinged and dented, shell
I want Home Sweet Home
without paying a cent
I want love without
getting naked
I want it masked and
mysterious and
practically perfect
I want pleasure
and I want it to roll
and unfold forever
I want truth but I
like fantasy even better
I want respect,
I want it now,
and without having to give it
I want the Earth but I want
Starbucks to-go cups too
…and cars
I want family but not
red and green holidays,
smelly bathrooms,
ugly toes,
why don’t you’s,
chatter-induced headaches
and taking care of Dad…
I want friendship,
health, and happiness
but I refuse to go out
and get it

14 thoughts on “Hot & Cold & Nothing In-between

  1. When I hit the “like” button on this one, what I really mean is that we might be the same person… [smile]

  2. A trudge through the mud can sometimes seem like heels dug in. Lean forward and keep your eyes on the horizon.

  3. Great poem Terah! Life is filled with choices and at times it seems too much! When it comes down to it, I believe you will make good ones and the fame will find you. Yes. The choices others have made banged us about a lot. But we can choose differently and right now, I am flying! I know you will!

    1. You are a woman who has endured and has found healing, I surmise. Very inspirational to me, thank you for always being here for me. I regret that I do not visit your blog more and support you…please know that my internet use is extremely limited…fact I can only do it at work…2 days per week! Just wanted to let you know that girl..

      Again, thank you…you are right on every account.

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