My Friend Soul

I saw my soul
sitting out by the lake
on that old cedar bench
my father gave me

I saw my soul
heaped over like
a bag of leaves
as it wept and

I was surprised
to see it there
on such a weathered
winter day and after
the sun had set too

I stood and stared
squinting into the
dark and waiting
for it to move

My soul was
all wrapped up
it was wrapped
around itself
like a tangled
silver chain
link upon link
knot upon knot
year upon year

I could barely
see its eyes
its three eyes
and its head
sticking out there
and its nose
its knowing nose
and its lips
mouthing “hope”

My brain nodded
and carried on
my body yearned
and bucked
and then all three,
brain, body, and soul
surrendered to the
great unknown
I sent out a prayer
for sweet dreams
and joyful awakenings

In the seven a.m.
light the sun shone
upon an empty
cedar bench…
my friend soul had
found some other
place to rest

2 thoughts on “My Friend Soul

  1. Beautifully whimsical of course. It always cheers me to stumble on your verse again, and see how you delicately turn ideas and moods around with your pen. On a self-centred note, my book is published and available on Amazon from March 19th. Who knows, you might read it !

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