I Can’t Stop Now

I can’t stop looking at you now
Peering in when we’re apart
Parting your blinds
and watching you,
grotesque, long and blond
just like you always were
standing a little taller now
you lifted your chin in pride
when I tried to kick you
naturally I missed you
Now that we’ve been around
the block all I want to do
is tuck you in and kiss you

5 thoughts on “I Can’t Stop Now

  1. I like the way it flows and I like where it goes. I don’t know for me if it is the meaning or rhythm but line nine and ten seem to almost make the rest of the poem disappear. Like the other lines get all wrapped around those two and then they spin off. I “get” this poem by licking the beaters.

  2. David! About lines nine and ten…is that a good thing? That the rest of the poem disappears? I wasn’t sure that the readers would follow. I kick him but his head is so high I miss him…

    Great to hear from you David. As usual, I only understand half of what you said here 🙂 Haven’t been to the valley — I’m stuck, but in a good way, up north and over to the west a little. Life is good. Send Martha my love. Horray for spring.

  3. It’s not good or bad it is what happens to me. Picture a kid looking over the counter watching cookies being made just hoping and hoping that those beaters he is sure will be offered to him aren’t wiped off too much. The rest of the poem becomes cookies. Yum.

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