Cleaning Up & Letting Go

Shine a bright light
into the black spaces
of our lives and we
find small, cowering
things starving and
losing life
We find secrets
trapped in stone
growing inside our
own cavernous minds
bad things taking form
that never shoulda
I want to lead
the fears
hand in hand
from my cave
from my temple
and free them
one by one
to make my life
more simple

2 thoughts on “Cleaning Up & Letting Go

  1. I see you walking the paths of the Land of Beginning Again and I almost expect to see you just around the next bend, or sitting there alongside some water, running water. Of course, me being invisible and all, it is kind of hard to see too clearly. Makes a fellow want to throw his eyes away for being so useless and not really showing you what needs to be seen. Sometimes I even wonder if it isn’t the beauty that gets in the way. Thank you Terah. David

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