Reading at the Old School House



Authors Evening at the Schoolhouse | Junction City, Oregon | March 5th | 7 pm
91949 Purkerson Road, Junction City, OR, 97448

Please join us for the first annual Authors Evening at the Old Schoolhouse, featuring poetry by local poet Terah Van Dusen (Love, Blues, Balance and New Moon), prose by local authors Danuta Pfeiffer (Chiseled, A Memoir of Identity, Duplicity, and Divine Wine), Jacquie “Jax” Manning (Caribbean Shadows), Kathleen Cremonesi (Love in the Elephant Tent: How Running Away with the Circus Brought Me Home) and acoustic guitar by local musician Josh Pitney.

$10 entrance covers a lovely selection of desserts made with local  Camas Country grains, coffee and tea. Local Bennett Winery wines available for purchase by the glass. Proceeds go directly into the school fund to continue renovating this beautiful old schoolhouse into a community event center and home for the arts.

Space limited to 50 guests, so please call 541-357-5448 to reserve your tickets!

5 thoughts on “Reading at the Old School House

  1. What fun Terah! When I first moved to Sacramento, quite a few years ago, we had a poetry reading in the oldest cematary in town to honour the birthday of Walt Whitman. Old Town Sacramento had a school house like the one in your photo. I believe it is still there but I have moved on… 😉

    1. Yes Lea I am quite excited for this!

      Ahh, Sacramento, a California girl like me! 😉

      Hey, do you have a FB? I ask because I have tried to find you but there are one or two or several other Lea Muses (none quite like you, I am sure). Find me if you can/care to. And thank you, always, my ultimate stranger angel ❤

      1. Terah, you are such a vital source of life, love and energy! I lived in Sacramento from 1991 (post divorce) until 2007. Then I packed my books and came to France. However, I have lived in The Big Apple, the midwest and was born in southern CA.
        You won’t find me on Facebook as I am too much the introvert and severely technically challenged. I’m much more at home navigating people’s grey matter and helping them sort themselves out (therapist), reading, writing, painting and exploring this beautiful country. Should you find your way to France, let me know as I have no interest in being anywhere else. Shine on darling as you are a star!

      2. Wow, Lea. I am humbled by your response. I am fascinated by you and I feel your warmth and love across the borders. Thank you for that, thank you so much. ❤

      3. When I like someone, something… I say so. I’ve enjoyed your posts since the first one I saw and that was several years ago. Life is too hard and too short not to let people know when they have done well. Thank you as I enjoy your work.

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