Where Do You Go? (A Note on Solitude)

In the beginning of silence and solitude, it actually gets really loud. This is all the residual chatter and chimes pouring out, hesitantly, from your mind. This can take some time. These are nothing more than the bells and whistles of your life–the catch phrases and fillers, the advertisements and the one-liners you and your loved ones have been feeding you. Where do you go…my lovely?  Where do you go?

You almost have to cover your ears, only to realize it’s all in your head…and it’s actually really very quiet out for once. You’ve picked a nice spot. So you take your hands off your ears. You are kind of surprised and aroused by the solitude.

In the beginning of silence and solitude you are THUNDERED by your thoughts. I’d forgotten about that. It had been so long. The longer it’s been, the louder it gets I suppose.

You are smiling and alone.
That rare experience of being yourself, 
when knowing you are not being observed
and you really genuinely are free.
This is you
Ah, that feeling,
that knowing
that freedom
where do you go?
my lovely
where do you go?

I want to know

5 thoughts on “Where Do You Go? (A Note on Solitude)

  1. A wonderful post Terah! These days I have the ‘luxury’ of much solitude. I can revel in it. Sometimes I can forget how it can be crossing that bridge back into solitude. On occasion, I visit friends for several days and as dear as they are, I look forward to coming home to my solitude. There is interaction a plenty here in the village and in town. There are also delicious walks to the waterfall and into the pines, the view from one hill or another… Lea

    1. Lea, you are blessing yourself to have solitude. Some people don’t seem to “need” it. But for those who do, they should have it! You have to go out in the world (or out OF the world) and GET IT. I wrote this on a 3 night off-the-grid stay in northern California back in January. I do not come by this ^^ kind of solitude at home. This was the kind that needed to be free from even the net. There is something so special about no lights, no power, no other people. Within reason of course.

      1. Those of us who are truly introverted need solitude like we need air. Those who are not introverts may find benefit from a bit of solitude now and again? I’ve chosen a life with the solitude I lacked for too long and it agrees with me. However, I am not alone all the time, only as I wish.

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