Anatomy of a Good Woman

Eyes that are wide open

Nose that does not turn up

Mouth that speaks her truth

Neck that holds the head high

Arms that execute good deeds

Stomach with high self-esteem

Legs that are faithful

Knees that bow in humility

Feet that travel freely, fearlessly

A mind that dares to dream

7 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Good Woman

  1. This reminds me so much of Proverbs 31. It’s all about the “virtuous woman.” the heart of her husband safely trusts her. She does him good and not evil. She willingly works with her hands. …provides food for her household. She plants a vineyard. She extends her hand to the poor. Strength and honor are her clothing. She opens her mouth with wisdom. A woman who fears the lord, she shall be praised. Extracted favorite verses. Well done. I like what you’ve written. Thanks Terah. Martha

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